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Drive performance and connection through an empathic cultural shift.


The growth and survival of an institution/organisation depends on the workforce that constitutes it. Empathy helps you connect with the perspectives of others – your employees, leaders, consumers and other stakeholders – making them feel acknowledged and heard. This leads to feelings of psychological safety that helps workers perform and deliver better results.


The Empathy University’s customised empathy and inclusion-related interventions for institutions/organisations cover a wide range of concepts such as Emotion Regulation, Everyday Leadership and Reflective Listening, with an intentional emphasis on empathy as a core competency. The Empathy University also provides consultation on Empathic Leadership Development, Institutional Culture Shaping and Customer Experience Management.

100+ Worshops

2500+ Partipants

50+ Organisations

19% Empathy Growth


TEU provides consultation services to institutions/organizations seeking solution-focused strategies around empathy in the areas of group dynamics, stress management, organizational culture building, diversity & inclusion.

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Empathy Workshops

A deep dive into the concept of empathy through storytelling, activities and discussions to increase awareness on how empathy can increase productivity, engagement and creativity within homes, institutions and organisations.

Empathic Counselling Sessions

Speak in private to a trained counsellor who can help you improve your emotional health and psychological well-being through the best industry practices.

Listening Circles

Through a series of sessions facilitated by an international team of experts, we'll help you connect and share with depth through the active listening/reflective empathy process.

Parenting Circles

We will help you discuss, deliberate, share and solve your most pressing parenting difficulties through connection, collaboration and sharing with peers. Trained active listening experts will guide and support you through the process.

Psychological Well-Being

We will help you connect better with your own self so that you feel psychologically well and reach a mindful space that's supportive and has a positive impact on those around you.

Rasha Kutty – Founder / Chief Facilitator

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