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Our happiness projects

Spreading happiness globally through meaningful initiatives by connecting purposeful ideas to those who deserve the most.

Our Happiness Projects (OHP) is a global initiative that curates purposefully designed projects to spread joy in the world.

Want to play your part and join hands with us?

Become ambassadors and supporters of our listed projects that are carefully handpicked based on their potential to spread smiles and empower lives. We aim to brighten at least a million lives in the coming years. Let’s join forces and amplify the impact!

About Us

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Varghese Thomas


Varghese Thomas is the founder of Our Happiness Projects. An ardent believer that every individual has the potential to make an impact in the larger society, Varghese comes with 15+ years of experience in the fields of research publication and business development with elite global publishing houses such as Oxford University Press, Springer Nature and John Wiley. He is a gifted communicator, sports enthusiast and a passionate photographer with a genuine desire to help and spread happiness to make the world a better place to live in.

In June 2021, Varghese had the opportunity to lead a social project where he, along with his friends, collected and distributed 100+ copies of children's books to underprivileged kids in rural India. The excitement and delight he witnessed in the children was heartwarming - and it became a transformative moment in his life. Varghese realised that day that happiness can spread like wildfire when people come together with a noble cause in mind. They took pictures of the overjoyed children holding their new prized possessions and shared those pictures with the donors. Their day was made when they saw the magic and the joy they had added to those children's lives.

It was those beaming smiles and glowing faces that sparked the beginning of our revolutionary initiative - Our Happiness Projects.